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Hyper-Responsive To Consistent Servicing


 At DIVA Dumps, LLC, we are hyper-responsive to servicing our portable toilets and dumpsters. Our portable toilet units are cleaner, more durable, and of greater appeal to our client's job site workers. 


Our CEO, Ms Stacey Robionson, prides herself on the fact that our portable toilet cleaning standard of "Top To Bottom - Side To Side" sets our product apart from our competitors. The testament to our dedication to maintaining this standard is that women on our client's job sites demand our product because of every unit's extreme cleanlines, lack of odor and sanitization.


Our 24-hour Pull/Return Policy for dumpster service of "Call before 2:00 P.M. and we Pull/Return the next day before 2:00 P.M." is unmatched and unprecedented in the marketplce; often the same day. - The large conglomerate firms in the waste management space cannot perform such requests in less than 2 days due to their antiquated dispatch system.