Logistics and waste management solutions are easier to manage than ever with DIVA Dumps, LLC. Bring all of your challenges , key objectives and project needs to us and leave the execution to us. One trade partner with expansive resources, innovative solutions, and multiple benefits.

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We are responsible for the efficient and effective construction debris, environmental, and waste management logistic services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In this effort DIVA Dumps, LLC contracts with multiple landfills, transfer stations, and has  contract agreements for waste disposal with both public and private landfills. Every effort is made to recycle and reuse appropriate items with scrupulous attention to public health and safety.


Our Clients And Trade Partners 

DIVA Dumps, LLC has the distinct honor and privilege of serving some of the most significant institutions in the southeast United States in providing extensive logistics and waste managment solutions.


We are proud that the list below of trade partners have come to trust and rely upon the integrity nd commitment to excellence maintained by the DIVA Dumps, LLC brand.

Over the last four years, DIVA Dumps, LLC has provided waste management solutions for Crescent Communities construction arm, Crescent Communities Construction. Starting with NOVEL LOSO, proceeding to NOVEL University, and now serving Crescent Communities Construction in the buildout of a senior multi-family product on behalf of Laurel Street, DIVA Dumps, LLC considers Crescent Communities to be one of its most prestigous client-trade partner relationships. 

Turner Construction maintains the distinction of being the very first large-scale project that DIVA Dumps, LLC worked on - upon Ms. Stacey Robinson and DIVA Dumps, LLC being awarded the Concourse A Extension for the Charlotte - Douglas International Airport. DIVA Dumps, LLC provided waste management solutions for the three year project timeline. Since that project, DIVA Dumps, LLC has served on tow addtional Charlotte-Douglas International Airport projects, including the current Lobby Extension Project; which DIVA Dumps, LLC is working on, that also happens to be a LEED Project which requires LEED Reporting by DIVA Dumps, LLC.

Atrium Health is the first Health and Life Sciences project owner that DIVA Dumps, LLC worked with. DIVA Dumps, LLC provided extensive logistics and waste management solutions for the two-and-a-half year buildout of the Pineville North Carolina bed tower additions and the parking deck extensions. 

DIVA Dumps, LLC is extremely proud to have worked with Rodgers Builders over a four period in providing logistics and waste management solutions on the Pinevill North Carolina bed tower and parking deck extentsions withe Atrium Health, as well as the new construction of the athletic field at West Charlotte High School. 


Rodgers Builders is one of Charlotte North Carolina's most credible and established builders. It was a privilege to work the Rodgers project executives and project managers to deliver all of the projects on time and at budget, with DIVA Dumps, LLC allowing for the streamlining of costs by providing affordable and practical logistics and waste management solutions. 

In the K-12 Education Consruction Sector, DIVA Dumps, LLC has supported Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools as the project owner by providing for logistics and waste management solutions for both the Palisades High School Project, as well as the West Charlotte High School Projects. 

DIVA Dumps, LLC exemplified its flexibility to work with varied pre-construction and construction firms in supporting Rodgers Builders and Edifice as the contractors or record on these projects. 



Crowder USA is yet another ongoing and continued trade partner that DIVA Dumps, LLC has and is currently working with. DIVA Dumps, LLC has earned the distinction of "Trusted and Preferred Vendor" status with Crowder USA by its proven track record of performance on Crowder USA projects. 


In support of Charlotte Water, the project owner and local utility; DIVA Dumps, LLC has provided logistics and waste management solutions to Crowder USA for the the Mallard Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Project, the Long-Creek Pump Station Project, as well as Daniel Stowe Botanical Project. It continues to be a delight to work with the Crowder USA team in providing not logistics and waste management solutions; however, we have also provided procurement services in the provisioning of waste managemant supplies and resources to support its projects. 



Crescent Communities has worked in partnership with DIVA Dumps, LLC for over 3 years and we are consitently see the benefits of working with such a progressive company that welcomes client input, maintains regular contact and provides excellent services at a competitive price.


Crescent Communities Construction - Shep Reynolds

We have been able to set targets for the construction debris redirects team to reduce and recycle our waste materials. The  designated "drywall only" waste system works really well: we are reducing the carbon footprint on our projects and saving money on the budget that has been set and the waste compound has never looked so clean, tidy and organized.


Daniel Heaton - Envision Charlotte

Our vision to provide exceptional service and waste management solutions for our customers has been realized thanks to the efforts of our committed and experienced people.

In 2017 DIVA Dumps, LLC identified significant logistics and waste management industry markets with high needs. Businesses were looking for trade partners large enough and experienced enough to manage high volume and time-critical work with ease, and one who would remain hyper-responsive, reliable and truly customer-focused.




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